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WMU ASCE Student Chapter holds bi-weekly meetings on the Parkview Engineering Campus

on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM in C - 136 near the civil labs.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, November 10.

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ASCE Student Services named the WMU ASCE Student Chapter to be the 2009 Most Improved Chapter. Along with this honor, WMU also received a Certificate of Commendation.

For more information and to see the rest of the award list, please visit ASCE Student Services.

The Southwest MI Section and Student Chapter held two joint meetings this semester.

Concrete Canoe Team After the best year ever for the Concrete Canoe Team, the Team is back and ready to prove itself once again. The Team is looking for new people to get involved. No concrete experience it needed! Check out the Concrete Canoe Page to learn how to get involved.
Steel Bridge Team The Steel Bridge Team is back for their second year! The Team is looking to build on their successful completion last year's conference by involving new members. The Team is looking for people to help out with analysis, welding construction, etc. For more infomation, see the Steel Bridge Page.
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